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Our Healthcare Services

The following healthcare services are available at our medical clinic - Doctors at Southport Park:

Qualified acupuncturist carefully placing fine acupuncture needles on a patient's back during a session of Medical Acupuncture.

Medical Acupuncture

Relaxed woman enjoying a serene beach, promoting women's health and wellness.

Women's Health

Workplace injury incident inside a factory: A man grimaces, clutching his knee in pain, as three concerned colleagues gather around him. Trust WorkCover and InjuryNet for workplace injury support.

WorkCover and InjuryNet

Medical professional with clipboard and pen conducting a pre-employment medical examination on a patient, ensuring workplace readiness.

Pre-Employment Medicals

Woman with luggage at the top of an airport escalator, preparing for travel. Ensure your health with our Travel Vaccinations service.

Travel Vaccinations

Mother comforting her toddler during a childhood immunisation appointment with a caring female doctor.

Childhood Immunisations

Female doctor discussing chronic disease management with a patient in a consultation room, using an iPad to explain and provide personalised care

Chronic Disease Management

Patient undergoing Ear Microsuction procedure by a skilled doctor for safe and effective ear care.

Ear Microsuction

A skin doctor using a dermatoscope to carefully examine a patient's shoulder with freckles during a thorough skin check at a Skin Cancer Clinic.

Skin Cancer Clinic

Symbolic representation of healthy weight management: An orange wrapped with a measuring tape, emphasising the importance of nutrition and portion control.

Healthy Weight Management

Portrait of a woman in the 45-49 year age group, expressing positivity and readiness for her health assessment.

45-49 Health Assessment

Elderly woman undergoing a blood sugar level check during her 75+ year old health assessment, administered by a caring healthcare professional.

75+ Health Assessment

Respectful representation of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family, highlighting the importance of culturally sensitive First Nations Health Assessment services in closing the gap.

First Nations Health Assessment

Engaged discussion between a man and a female mental health professional during a session focused on developing a Mental Health Care Plan.

Mental Health Care Plan

Patient in anticipation of an in-surgery minor medical procedure, with a doctor in the background preparing for the treatment. Explore our comprehensive range of Medical Procedures.

Medical Procedures

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