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New Fees Policy from 4th July 2022

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

The GPs working at Doctors at Southport Park have previously provided their services on a mostly bulk-billing basis. However, given that Medicare rebates don’t cover the true cost of providing quality health care, from 4th July 2022, some patients will be asked to contribute to the cost of their health care by paying a “gap fee”.

The following patients will continue to be bulk-billed for general consultations (eg standard appointments)

  • Children aged 15 years and under, and

  • People with a pension card, and

  • DVA Gold Card Holders.

The following groups of patients will be asked to contribute to the cost of their care by paying a Discounted Fee:

  • Patients aged 16yrs to 18yrs

  • Patients aged over 18yrs and with a healthcare card

Services provided to all other patients, will usually incur an out-of-pocket fee, however they may be bulk-billed at the sole discretion of the GP.

From 4th July 2022, the following Fee Schedule will apply (please note Medicare rebates will increase slightly on 1st July 2022 so the out -of-pocket costs will reduce slightly):

* Please note, Medicare rebates will increase by 1.6% on 1 July 2022 reducing the out of pocket cost slightly.

We have setup the EFTPOS capability to ensure patients are able to claim their Medicare rebate at the time of paying their consultation Fees, so the relevant Medicare rebate(s) are deposited back into the patient’s bank account on the spot.

Please note, the following services will be bulk-billed for all eligible patients

  • GP Management Plans (and reviews)

  • Team Care Arrangements (and reviews)

  • Medicare Funded Health Assessments

  • Mental Health Treatment Plans and Reviews

  • Home Medication Reviews

  • Attendance for all patients seeking a Free Flu Vaccination

  • Attendance for all COVID-19 Vaccinations

More information is available on our website, and please feel free to speak with your GP or our receptionists if you have any questions.

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